Farm Walk at Grange Farm

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Hosted by Carl Gray at Grange Farm, near Tewkesbury, come join us for the first of this season's farm walk programme.

We are trying to build the sense of "community" amongst our members to foster sharing, learning and relationships. 

The main theme of this event will be Winter crops and weed control, though anything you'd like to discuss on the day can be included. Late Feb is a good time to see the end of the crop foundation phase where the scene has been set for what's to come for the rest of the growing season. It's also a great time, weather permitting, to use mechanical weeding to give crops a head start leading into Spring.

Topics for discussion will include;

Crop establishment

  • Drilling Dates

  • Seed rates

  • Spatial arrangement (row spacings)

  • Varieties

  • Grazing cereals

  • Crop/weed dynamics

  • Weed communities

  • Mechanical weed control     

We will also have a chance to look at the LiveWheat Legacy winter wheat trials Carl has drilled and anything else attendees are interested in looking at on the farm.

Carl farms 800 acres in Worcestershire,  on a mix of soil types from medium sandy to heavy clay. The typical roatation is over 9years, with winter wheat, winter oats, two years of red colver rye grass, winter wheat, stubble turnips over the winter into spring barley undersown with rye grass and white clover which is down for three years. Carl has beef cattle, as a spring calving suckler herd of around 155 cows, taking the calves through to finishing.
Come to Grange Farm on 1st Feb to learn more about Carl's farming system.

Date & Time
28 February 2024
13:00 16:00 Europe/London

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Grange Farm
GL20 7EL
United Kingdom
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