Criminal Proceedings Initiated against Organic Grain Fraudsters

We reported the fraudulent organic grain being traded into the US when the story broke in the Washington Post in 2017 and indeed had been in discussion with Peter Whorinsky the journalist who researched and wrote the story and John Bobbe from OFARM who assisted Peter by providing a lot of contacts in the organic grain sector in the US.

The organic certification of Hakan Organics was removed in 2018 following a USDA investigation and it is good to hear that those responsible for this fraud are being indicted for their crimes by the US Department of Justice. Hopefully that this action will act as a deterrent to others involved in or considering the supply of fraudulent organic products onto the market.

Of course the best way to protect your organic business is to buy UK grown, fully traceable grains and pulses and we're happy to help you source them.

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