AHDB Levy Increase

We have received notification that the AHDB levy is to increase from from £0.46 to £0.58 on 1st April 2024 which will be reflected on all invoices from that date.

We have been told that "The levy rate increase will help the cereals and oilseeds sector fund more independent research, improve services (such as the RL and RB209), promote more farmer-to-farmer learning, and deliver guidance on carbon, biodiversity and other environmental markets."

At a recent meeting with Henny and Ana from AHDB to discuss their support of the organic sector (pictured looking at a winter oat trial with Philip Douthwaite) they indicated they are seeking to better understand "knowledge gaps" to help target their research spending where growers want it.  A new research committee is being established to allow levy payers to set the research priorities.  Henny Lowth , who used to work for Organic Research Centre, is helping to co-ordinate this work so please let Henny have your "knowledge gaps" and explain the work you'd like to see done and why you'd like this question tackled, or as AHDB put it " What question do you want AHDB research to answer and why is this topic important to you?"

Organic Arable are in conversation with AHDB to support our Knowledge Exchange programme, the farm walks and farm participatory networks.  Please mention that you'd like to see more knowledge exchange activity focussed on organic or low input farming systems as this would be helpful as we make our case for additional support of the organic sector.

Let AHDB have your research priorities


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